Magic happens tomorrow =)

It’s finally time. 3 months of hard work. We can finally reap the fruits of labour. Served Hot is the next drama after my long hiatus of close to 6 months. Working alongside a fun and incredible team of people, I have enjoyed and learnt much from this journey albeit it being a short one.


It is my greatest honour to work with a new production team. Meeting them every single day for the three months, sharing joy and laughter and of course, tons of good food. Thank you Wawa Pictures for this opportunity and also for all your guidance.


A more mature role, unlike the young school boy roles I took on before. The first role that is above the age of 20. I tried a different style of performing in this drama and I hope that the audience can enjoy the final product just like how much I enjoyed the process. Through this drama, I’ve managed to meet a lot of people and made new friends. Sincerely hope that there is an opportunity for me to work with them once again.


The four of us grew from strangers to friends. The past 3 months have allowed us to develop a strong chemistry on set. We have too many fun and interesting stories to share from our time of production. S.H.O.T.


There are many more who are involved in the production but not in the picture. Thanks to the people from promo and the many others. Thank you all for making this possible.


Finally. It’s Time.

Served Hot will be premiering on the 13th of January, which is tomorrow, at 10pm only on Channel U. Watch us and be caught in the flames =) Enjoy!

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