Behind-the-scenes filming Beat the Blur!

Do you remember the Beat the Blur videos, which showed me in different embarrassing situations due touncorrected astigmatism? In today’s post, I’m going to give you a sneak peek of what happened behind thescenes of the video production.

There were many highlights when I was filming the different scenarios. The video production process was really fun and exciting!


As some of you might recall, there was a soccer scene. Leading up to the shoot, I was really worried becauseI had never played soccer well before. Whenever I shot the ball, the crew had to dodge because I couldn’t aim well. It was a really fun experience though!

My vision was crisp and clear in whatever direction I moved my head, all thanks to the Auto-Focus Technology. This stabilises the contact lenses even during physical movements. Not only that, ACUVUE®  has Triple Care that offers a combination of Moisture, Oxygen and UV Protection so my eyes stay healthy and comfortable all day. These qualities were especially important to me when I filmed the soccer scene!


Filming Beat the Blur was definitely a fun and memorable experience. I learnt a lot from my peers and the professionals on set. One thing I learnt was that it is important to properly correct astigmatism with the rightcontact lens for clear vision AND healthy eyes.


During the video production and campaign, I was able to share my experience with astigmatism and recommend a healthier choice of contact lenses for fellow Astigmats. Many of my friends even shared their experience with astigmatism with me after they watched the video. I’m glad that most of them have now also enjoy clear, crisp and healthier vision with 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM, the healthier lens of choice.


I am all set to take on every day at my best. No more embarrassing moments for me!

Simply visit to sign up for a 5-day consecutive trial so that you can have CLEAR and HEALTHY vision, too! Say no to astigmatism affecting your quality of life and let’s beat the blur with ACUVUE together!


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